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Glo Jy die Lewe het 'n Doel?
Do You sometimes wonder if Life indeed has a Purpose? 
Weet Jy wat Jou Lewensdoel is? / Do You know what Your Purpose in Life is?
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Aanbieding 7 Oktober Boeke
August using the Eye Tracker Software navigating and controlling the computer only with his eyes. The result of the calibration of his eyes was 100% and he immediately caught on, how to use the software
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August was a beautiful, healthy, fully developed, full-term baby. Due to an umbilical cord prolapse at birth, August was starved of sufficient oxygen. After two weeks in ICU, August left the private clinic a cerebral palsied spastic quadriplegic. 
For two decades the family searched for solutions. Many solutions were found, but many more disappointments, disillusionments, rejections and humiliations were suffered. When August was in his early twenties, he hit rock bottom. He was depressed. He no longer wanted to live. After an instant, positive turnaround, things changed for the better. Magnificently much better. August now is the CEO of one company "Ball for All" Dances for Wheelchair Users and Amputees and the MD of another company "Fortitude South Africa" Business- and IT Consulting. He writes the most beautiful poems and songs. He co-authors his books, and has great plans for the future. August is in a relationship with a lovely young lady.
August has grown from physical and emotional Pain to Purpose in a space of four years. He now lives his Purpose. The Book "Dare We Believe in a Life with a Purpose" is based on August's life. We share with you the phases - Pain, Search, Grow, Serve and Purpose. August dedicates the Book to Everyone struggling with "WHY?" Our God is great, and we are grateful. We invite you to journey with us from Pain to Purpose, and decide for yourself 

"Dare We Believe in a Life with a Purpose?"

The Book is based on real Life Experiences of August and Elmarie
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The intellect of people with cerebral palsy is often underestimated because of their physical impairments. We have found throughout the years, that many people with cerebral palsy are of exceptionally high intellect.

Our Findings
The overall incidence of umbilical cord prolapses is approximately 1 in every 300 births
One to nearly four per 1 000 live human births do have some form of cerebral palsy

Never Give Up!!

August as a Baby

Healthy and well cared for by his doting mom

August en ek kuier Menlyn Maine
Lunch with the family

Menlyn Maine Pretoria

Celebrating his B'Day

With an ice cold Castle Light

      A young Boy

Always participating with gusto in everything he was exposed to

Authoring his Book

August spent hours, writing the poems, headings, inserts and contents for the book "Dare We Believe in a Life with a Purpose"

August en ek laaste dans
           Opening Dance                    "Ball for All"            World  Record  Attempt

The excitement was too much for August to sit on his own in his chair

May you find new

August's Wish for You

Dedication latest

August's Dedication

Thank you dedication

August's Thanks

August as a little boy, writing "Pray and Trust" to his friends

God's Plans are our plans 

We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of others

We aim to, God willing, give Presentations on the contents of the Book "Dare We Believe in a Life with a Purpose"; host Workshops on "Find Your Purpose", assist with Fundraisers for churches, schools, organizations, clubs, groups of interest, throughout South Africa. More information and contact detail below.

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Our Second "Ball for All" Dance Event that featured on KykNet's Kwêla Programme

We are grateful

What Professionals and Friends Say

Our lives have been touched by the most amazing people. We value, appreciate, respect and love each of our friends and acquaintances 

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Book with Ehlers Logo

August's beautiful lady friend Alré  van Staden

Some of the beautiful readers that have purchased or received a copy of our book....